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Shineway rent-a-car service lists out below a full set of Terms and Conditions that will help you understand what you need to know,

For the purpose of all rental transactions, financial and otherwise, with regards to the hiring of vehicles on a self-drive basis, Shineway Travels (Pvt) Ltd, herein is referred to as Shineway rent-a-car Sri Lanka and the person or any organization herein is referred to as the hirer.

  • Rental charges are inclusive of all taxes.
  • Supply of fuel to the vehicle will be at the hirer’s cost.
  • The vehicle should be driven only by the hirer. However, the hirer may authorize any other individual to drive the vehicle provided the person is the holder of a valid driving license. The details of such a license should be furnished to Shineway rent-a-car Sri Lanka without delay.
  • Damages to the vehicle whilst in the custody of the hirer and the extent not covered by the insurance contract, will have to be borne by the hirer to a maximum extent of USD 300.00 plus towing charges.
  • Shineway rent-a-car Sri Lanka will make all necessary arrangements to provide a replacement vehicle in the event accident / mechanical repairs have to be carried out on the vehicle that has been hired.
  • The hirer must sign all necessary documents to enable Shineway rent-a-car Sri Lanka to claim insurance as maybe required from the relevant insurance providers.
  • The hirer will have to bear the cost of damages caused to the mechanical components of the vehicle such as engine, drive train etc. resulting from operating the vehicle without adequate coolant, oil etc.
  • All minor repairs such as tire punctures, replacement of lamp bulbs, wiper blades etc. will be reimbursed by Shineway rent-a-car Sri Lanka on production of bills/receipts.
  • A request for an extension of the hiring period by the hirer should be intimated to Shineway-rent-a-car Sri Lanka at least 48 hours before the expiry of the original hiring agreement.
  • The vehicle will be handed over to the hirer, cleaned and washed. The hirer should return the vehicle in the same condition. If not, a sum of USD 5.00 will be charged by Shineway rent-a-car Sri Lanka as cleaning charges.
  • If the hirer requests Shineway rent-a-car Sri Lanka to deliver the vehicle to a certain location, the meter reading of the vehicle at the office/yard of Shineway rent-a-car Sri Lanka, will be considered as the starting meter reading for the purpose of computation of the total mileage run at the completion of the hiring period.
  • Airport pick up and drop off of the hirer can be arranged. A sum of USD 50.00 each way will be charged for pick up at the airport and drop off by Shineway rent-a-car Sri Lanka.
  • In the case of pick up of the hirer at the airport, he should call over at the office of Shineway-rent-a-car Sri Lanka to complete and sign the necessary documentation.
  • The vehicle should not be transferred to any third party by the hirer.
  • The vehicle is hired on the strict understanding that it will not be used for any illegal or immoral activities by the hirer.
  • The hirer is regulated under all applicable laws and regulations of Sri Lanka, in addition to the terms and conditions set out herein.

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