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Rent a car in Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya is an up and coming tourist destination that is known for its natural environment. The small and close-knit fishing community dominates the lives of locals and this helps tourists get an insight into what rural working lifestyle in Sri Lanka is like. Adventures such as exploring the remnants of Sri Lanka’s colonial past, dolphin watching, water sports, and days of relaxing on an exotic west coast beach is what a rent a car trip to Kalpitiya will include.

About 167kms from Colombo, the Colombo-Puttalam A3 highway will take you to Kalpitiya in approximately 3 and a half hours. The city boasts of a beautiful Kalpitiya lagoon, and several islands with stunning oceanic beauty, making beach-side camping the up and coming trend in Kalpitiya.

When in Kalpitiya

Approach car rental companies such as Shineway to cater to your self-drive car rentals in Kalpitiya so that you can visit the following places on your trip.

Dolphin Watching

Hire a boat and sail into the Indian Ocean, with a guide of course, until you come across pods of dolphins living their life in the turquoise waters. You won’t have to go too deep into the ocean because the waters of Kalpitiya are home to whales and dolphins.

Bird Watching – Kalpitiya lagoon

Bird watching lovers are going to enjoy an excursion to the Kalpitiya lagoon by boat to learn about Kalpitiya’s wildlife, spot some rare waders and water birds, and observe unique bird species in their natural habitat. The entire lagoon is a marine sanctuary, so expect to see mangrove swamps, flat coastal plains, dune beaches, and elephant inhabited jungles.

Kite Surfing

Adrenaline junkies must arrange an air conditioning luxury car rental and head out to Kalpitiya for a fine kite surfing experience. The city’s coast has the ideal wind conditions for kitesurfing, so strap yourself to a giant kite and be dragged out to sea over a surfboard. The sport is not as easy as it sounds – hence kitesurfing lessons are offered at several places.

Kalpitiya Dutch Fort and Church

No destination in Sri Lanka is complete without a touch of history! The Dutch Fort in Kalpitiya was constructed in the 1600s with limestone and coral. The fort was used as an entrance to the adjacent Puttalam lagoon.

Between the Dutch Fort and the Kalpitiya village are the ruins of the small, yet very old Dutch Church. Built in the 1700s, it is a simple structure with tombstones carved into the flooring and a very tall tombstone in the backyard.

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